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God at Work through The Barnabas Group – Dustin Riedel

Each of us is born with a unique set of strengths and passions. These gifts are not random chance. You were born to complete a great work, and were equipped with everything that you will need to curate a lifetime of divinely inspired masterpieces. We may limit ourselves, but God’s plans defy all of our self-imposed constraints.

The Barnabas Group (TBG) was created to help ensure that no matter how busy your life may be, you are given opportunities to use your gifts to further His kingdom. It is through fellowship with others that we often discover ourselves, and reveal the true purpose of the gifts that we possess.

Throughout our youth, the knowledge of our talents and purpose is often veiled. As we experience life, each unique gift becomes evident. Our college years are often the epicenter of self-discovery. Which is why TBG is a strong supporter of Christian colleges like Oak Valley College (OVC). Their college equips their students to live, learn, and grow in their faith, service, and calling. All of which is framed by a Christian worldview.

In 2018 one of our TBG partners, Dustin Riedel, used his unique talents to help seniors at OVC reveal the many strengths gifted to them. Mark Leonard, Executive Vice President for OVC, reached out to us to share this heart warming and inspiring story:”TBG partner, Dustin Riedel, volunteered an afternoon to meet with some of our students regarding discovering their personal strengths, and doubling down on them! He focused the discussion around how he carved out his professional experiences.”

He showed up with Starbucks and a copy of Now, Discover Your Strengths for each of our eight seniors. Dustin challenged them to read the book, take the Strengths Finders Test (which he also paid for), and call him with their results so that he could give them one-on-one coaching. He also offered the students $100 if they completed all three challenges!

“Dustin was incredibly generous and sincerely interested in helping OVC students. He was truly inspiring, living up to The Barnabas Group name.”

He was truly inspiring, living up to The Barnabas Group name.

We also spoke with Dustin Riedel who commented that he, “received great joy in hearing each student’s dreams, and helping to push them in the right direction.” Dustin agreed to share this story with our TBG family as his way to “spur on other TBG Partners to invest in the ministries that speak to them.”

When you feel God prompting you to make a difference, lean in. Be sure to attend our TBG events for opportunities to use your unique gifts to impact the world for Christ!

To learn more about Oak Valley College please visit www.oakvalleycollege.org.