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  • One of the dominant ideas of our day is the belief that some types of work are more honorable than others. “Honorable” may not be the word everyone uses; it’s a bit out of date. How about “important”? I don’t think there’s any question that......

  • There’s a whole world out there where our Christian brothers and sisters are living lives closer to the first century church than to ours. They need our help and prayers, but we need their witness and example. One such family wrote to me recently. I’ve changed......

  • If you were a pretty young woman who, for whatever reason, could only own one pair of shoes, what kind of shoes would they be? Stiletto heels? Sandals? Work boots? A variation of this question, and its relationship to how we really live our lives,......

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Bob Fry
Bob Fry is an investment advisor, writer, private equity investor, bible study teacher and Senior Gift Advisor with the National Christian Foundation of California.


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