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  • We live in a time when charitable strategies can often create more burden than freedom. In counter-intuitive fashion, Bob and Bryan talk about the power of simplicity as a core Christian virtue and as it relates to charitable giving. A charitable remainder trust, for example,......

  • As we come to the end of the year (thank goodness!), we hope that generosity is at the forefront of your mind. For many people who have wealth in the stock market, 2020 has not been a bad year at all. In fact, if you......

  • Before every miracle Jesus performs in the new testament, he gives thanks to the Father. The sequence of giving thanks and then performing a miracle seems counterintuitive to us, but it emphasizes the place that gratitude has in Jesus’ teaching. Gratitude comes first. In this episode of......

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Bob Fry
Bob Fry is an investment advisor, writer, private equity investor, bible study teacher and Senior Gift Advisor with the National Christian Foundation of California.


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