Great Jobs at Greenville College
The purpose of the Great Jobs Project is ​to enable Greenville College students to meet, interview and get to know people who have jobs they enjoy. In the modern world, many graduating students - including many great, hard working, well-educated and well-spoken graduating students - have an extremely limited knowledge of the opportunities that actual exist for good work. We hope to help fill that gap.

Bob Briner Tribute Videos

The videos in this section were filmed in anticipation of the opening ceremonies for the Briner School of Business at Greenville College, on November 3 & 4, 2015.

Interview with Dennis Spencer

​Dennis Spencer is Executive Vice-President of Lagardère Unlimited Media. To see an example of his work follow this link to a recent announcement from Lagardère Sports

Interview with Mark Joseph

​For more information about Mark Joseph visit

Interview with Ken Wales

For more information about Ken Wales here is an enjoyable interview he gave to CBN about his movie, Amazing Grace, which was the story of William Wilberforce and the end of slavery in England. Behind the Scenes with Amazing Grace Producer Ken Wales

Great Jobs Project at Greenville College

For those we are interviewing, they get to meet interesting students who are conducting and filming the interview. The students then edit the film into short videos that highlight the good work or joyful experiences that the interviewees have in their work. We then publish those videos, once approved by the interviewee, so that other students can learn from these people who are graciously sharing their stories. Ultimately, we hope that the Great Jobs project will grow into a resource for students everywhere who are trying to make their way in the world. Should we get there, it will be a joint ministry of Greenville College and for the benefit of the broader community. What you will find below are the initial videos of this project.

Interview with Tom Porter

To learn more about Tom Porter's work as a person who helps people get good jobs check out Marquee Staffing

Interview with Terri Ponce de Leon

To learn more about Terri Ponce de Leon's work as a Gift Advisor see Facebook - National Christian Foundation of California

Interview of Jon Voget

​To learn more about Jon Voget's work in ministry development see Multiplication Network​

More About Bob Briner and the Briner School of Business at Greenville College

For those of you who don't know Bob Briner, here's a brief biographical description from the Greenville College website. Bob Briner. To learn more about the Briner School of Business in general you can visit Introduction to the Briner School of Business. The celebration on November 3rd is also reported on here by the Greenville College student publication, the Papyrus Briner School of Business Celebration. Finally, among his many achievement, Bob Briner was the author of a number of books including Roaring Lambs (as described by That book had a significant impact on many in business and inspired the launch of the Roaring Lambs Ministry.