John “JK” Shea is a Masters Program grad and part of the National Christian Foundation family, and a Barnabas Group Member. He was the Chairman of Shea Family Healthcare until God began to speak to him about a new path. What started out as an agricultural hobby turned into to a ministry pursuit – and eventually a call to missions. He connected with Plant with Purpose and eventually felt called, along with his wife and kids, to move to Fiji where they are starting a business-as-missions agriculture business – part economic, part spiritual transformation.

Epilogue… In early February I got a message from JK… “We’re off to a great start.  Today I made a homemade beehive with my two boys, from a section of dead tree-fern and two coconut halves, using a design I saw in Indonesia, and I ordered scythes for the farmers on our property so they can quickly prepare an area for planting without killing everything with chemicals!  Off to a good start!”